about undetermined

undetermined is my writing playground. For half an hour every day, I come in here and write 300 words. That’s it. Half an hour. Three hundred words. Every single day.

I started the blogopera site a long time ago. I dreamed of a site that sprawled and rambled but never went anywhere.  Each post a story of its own, but linked to another. A digital form of telenovella. But life took over, the site languished, and soon it was nothing more than a thought that came to me every now and then. ‘Gee I loved that blogopera idea I should do something with it.’

Don’t think me a tosser for saying this, but I’ve had terrible writer’s block, a symptom of some overwhelming years.

I’m getting on top of things now, life is back on track, and I have all sorts of things to say.  All sorts of things I am desperate to write. I can feel them, thumping inside my chest, twitching inside my fingers. The problem is, I’m out of writing practice and I’ve lost the writing habit. I have to find a way to start.

So this is one of my starts. Half an hour. Three hundred words. Every single day.

It’s off the cuff writing, so it might be a bit messy from time to time. It might help me tighten up my work, or it could be that this is a Big Mistake and that I would be much wiser to leave my drafting and jotting in my notebooks and private files. But having it public (although not publicised) is part of the deal. It raises the stakes, even if only a little.

And it’s a lovely counterpoint to the frightening and long-term uncertainty of other more traditional projects like my second novel or memoir. I’m enjoying writing my second novel, I’m loving it, but it’s hard work with uncertain outcomes. I like the idea of some instant gratification.

So. Half an hour. Three hundred words. Every single day.

I’ll see how it goes.


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